In Missouri, there is currently a strong push to legalize sports betting. There is hope that legal sports betting will arrive in the Show-Me State by the end of 2022, thanks to bills that are moving forward well and the support of a large coalition of professional sports teams and casinos.

Since 2016, daily fantasy sports have been legal in Missouri. While legislation for legal online sports betting is being finalized, players over the age of 18 can place real money wagers on daily fantasy sports.

Last Thursday, the Missouri House easily passed two sports betting bills, 115-33, in a largely ceremonial final vote before referring the matter to the Senate for consideration.

Members of the House debated and amended the legislation on Wednesday before passing it on second reading on Thursday, making the vote on Thursday more of a rubber stamp.

The legislation would legalise statewide mobile wagering as well as retail wagering at existing casinos.

Casinos and professional sports teams would both be permitted to have mobile platforms, though sports teams would not be permitted to have brick-and-mortar sportsbooks on the premises of stadiums or arenas.

A coalition of casinos and professional sports teams drafted the bill, which was then presented to lawmakers.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming support from House members and look forward to working with the Senate, and are hopeful for a similar outcome and approval from the governor,” Penn National Gaming’s Jeff Morris told Sports Handle.

“Missouri can then join 33 other states and all but one of their neighboring states — at least as of today — in offering legal sports wagering.”

“My opinion, it’s a little ridiculous that I can go to a casino and lose a thousand dollars playing blackjack. But I can’t bet 50 bucks on the Chiefs to win,” Missouri Sen. John Rizzo, who represents Independence, said.

People would be able to bet on professional and college sports under the proposed legislation. According to a fiscal analysis, wagers would be taxed at 8% and would bring the state nearly $10 million per year.

After many years of stuttering progress, the legislation required to legalise sports betting in Missouri appears to be on track to pass in 2022. Bills passed the state House in February 2022 and are now awaiting final approval in the Senate.

Both casino operators and major future stakeholders, such as professional sports teams in Missouri, have unanimously supported these bills. It is hoped that with the industry behind the legislation, it will move smoothly through the chambers.

The proposed Missouri sports betting rules would make retail sportsbooks available to all 13 riverboat casinos, as well as up to 39 online sports betting skins.