Let’s Learn How to Bet on the Rugby League World Cup Games

The betting system used in the Rugby League markets is very simple. It is very similar if we compare it with the soccer betting odds systems.

The most popular one for Rugby League is the 1×2, but the Asian Handicap is also used, just like it happens with soccer.

The ‘1’ betting result typically indicates the odds for the victory of the hosts, the X always means the odds for the match draw, and the ‘2’ is the selection for the victory of the visitors.

However, if the game happens on a neutral field, it’s a bit different, like it happens in international competitions like the Rugby League World Cup 2022.

If both teams are in a neutral field, the odds are typically displayed this way: the underdogs often are referred to as the ‘2’ event, and the favourites, the ‘1’.

This is purely a convention and sometimes isn’t observed by some bookies.

Asian Handicap and Rugby League

Some games have a clear favourite, and there isn’t much trading in the 1×2 system. A good example is the upcoming match between New Zealand and Jamaica valid for the World Cup.

New Zealand is the favourite with odds of 1.01 on average at the betting markets. Some bookies don’t even sell these odds as they are so low.

But in the Asian Handicap, the market tries to guess the difference of quality of the teams in the final score. So the handicap system allows the bettors to place wagers on New Zealand at more interesting odds. The Asian Lines now with average odds of 1.9 are New Zealand -74.5 / Jamaica +74.5.

Betting Safely on Rugby in New Zealand

Whether you like Rugby League, Rugby Union, or both, it’s important to choose the right place to bet in New Zealand.

Some bookies have better odds than others. Customer service can be very different depending on the house.

Moreover, you can find different betting bonuses to try the services of different houses. But how to tell a good offer from the average ones?

There are hundreds of bookies operating in the country, therefore, it’s important to consider the best sportbooks reviews in New Zealand.

Sports betting and Rugby Betting Tips

If you learn how to bet on a specific sport that you like, it’s easy to use this knowledge to bet on other sports. In fact, these days lots of people are starting to learn more about other sports specifically because of the betting opportunities.

You can bet on several popular sports beyond both versions of Rugby, like cricket, association football, basketball, horse racing, and netball for example.

Usually, the bookies offer a single bonus promotion to all the sportsbook products, as well as a secondary offer to the casino.

Now find a trustworthy bookie, place your rugby league bets, and good luck!