A day after the bill to legalize sports betting in Kansas was thought to be dead for the session after failing to pass out of committee, and it passed the whole House Wednesday with broad, bipartisan support.

A late-in-the-legislative-session play keeps sports betting alive, at least for now. Last year, the Senate passed out a different version of a bill allowing sports betting in Kansas. It’s legal in about 30 other states, and Missouri is also moving closer to making it law.

Specifically, the bill that passed out of the House Wednesday would allow for sports gambling through casino managers contracted by the Kansas Lottery. It would allow for bets to be placed in-person or on approved online platforms.

To legally make a bet, you’d need to be at least 21 and have sufficient funds to place the bets. The state would receive 14 per cent from wagers placed in casinos and 20 per cent for online bets.

bill that would legalize sports betting in Missouri is headed to the Senate after House lawmakers approved the legislation.

If Missouri legalizes sports betting, it will join a list of other states that allow wagering on sports.

“My opinion, it’s a little ridiculous that I can go to a casino and lose a thousand dollars playing blackjack. But I can’t bet 50 bucks on the Chiefs to win,” Missouri Sen. John Rizzo, who represents Independence, said.

The bill would allow people to bet on professional and college sports.

According to a fiscal analysis, wages would be taxed 8% and would bring the state nearly $10 million annually.

“We have I believe around 30 states that have legalized some sort of sports book,” Sen. Denny Hoskins, who represents Warrensburg, said. “I’m hopeful that Missouri will do the same this year.”

When the approved House bill arrives in the Senate for consideration, senators will also have another sports wagering bill to consider.

Hoskins has introduced a bill where the main difference is in the tax rate. The House version has a tax rate of 8%. Hoskins’ bill has a tax rate of 21%.

“There’s a lot of things in the House bill I think are good, I think it’s a good starting point. But I believe that tax rate of 8%, I mean basically we’re just giving away money to the casinos which in my opinion are already profitable,” Hoskins said. “So, there would have to be some movement on that tax rate as well as the problem gambling portion.”

Hoskins added he wants more money dedicated to gambling addiction help.