Everyone is eager to know Tips And Tricks to play Dream11 in the best possible way. Dream11 is the biggest fantasy cricket sports game in India right now. With a maximum of 100 credits, players can pick their team of real players. Moreover, we earn points based on the chosen player’s performance in every Dream11 match.

Ensure only to play selected games
The biggest mistake that Fantasy players make is playing as many matches as they can. They do that to increase their chances of taking home more money. Hence, it may lead to losing cash even with no facts about the games they are playing. Thus, playing only a select few games to earn excellent money from Fantasy Sports is first.

Researching is not a waste of time
There is no shortcut to success, and it includes Fantasy Sports as well. Many virtual players don’t consider researching and take it as a waste of time. But you should know that indulging in a bit of intelligent research can help your Team stand out.

Building the Dream11 Team
The next thing is creating your Dream11 Team. It would help if you always came up with many squads to improve your winning probability. All-rounders are players who can give you points for both batting and bowling. And they are even great for making Captains. Thus, they should be in your scheme of things. For playing White Ball games, it is prudent to go for bowlers who are winners during death overs and PowerPlay. Dream11 now comes with the new Points System. And it means that even 1-2 wickets can decide the game’s fate. While playing the shortest version of the game, your aim should be opting for top-order batters. They get to face most balls and can score runs to give you more points. It would also be advisable to follow your gut feelings and make changes in your Dream11 Team accordingly.

Taking risks can benefit you
Playing in a Dream11 league and not taking risks may not help you win more money. After Dream11 decided to change their deadline time, many players kept the same 8-9 players in most squads. But if you can replace 1-2 players and take risks, it may help you. You can know the selection percentage of players as displayed by Dream11. Accordingly, you can take chances on some players and see the tide turning in your favour. It is vital because no set of players may replicate the same performance every time. Hence, it is where research comes into the picture.